Friday, July 24, 2009

A Camping We Will Go

Well we are of to go camping for 10 days, tomorrow morning. It will be great to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air. I can't wait to sit on a beach all afternoon, soaking in the rays and watching the kids play and splash in the water, and sitting around the campfire every night singing silly songs, basking in the fires heat and roasting marshmallows and eating junk food. My kids absolutely love 'mish-meh-woe' time. Last year was the kids first year going camping and they still talk about it, they are very excited to get going. My parents, one sister, aunt, uncle and one cousin are coming as well so it will be great fun. My Dad will have his birthday while we are there, so I thought it was appropriate to make him a camping birthday card. I got the inspiration for this card from a card that Yvette West made.

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  1. Very cute - love the little driving scene that you created. :)