Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well the birth of my blog begins! I love to papercraft, especially scrapbooking and card making. People often ask to see my work, so now it is easy to do so.

I started scrapbooking when a friend invited me to a CM home gathering after I got married. I was brand new to scrapbooking and hadn't seen any other styles of scrapbooking or even really know what it was all about. I created my Wedding album with almost nothing. I used a kitchen knife, healing mat, and a ruler to cut out my straight edged pieces. I only planned to make the one wedding album, as I found it time consuming to come up with idea's for layouts, cut the paper using my crude and limited tools, and figuring out what paper to use.
Now clearly I have come a long way from there. When I became pregnant with my first son I wanted to combine the format of a scrapbook and baby book, so that is what I did. I went and purchased paper, got an actual paper trimmer, and a strap hinge album. Again I was enjoying it but it would take forever to make it all some together (my first pages are laughable now!). When Jordan was a few months old I joined a baby group. There I met two women, and after our baby group ended we began walking at the park. One of the girls, Melanie, mentioned that she sold scrapbooking stuff, I said that I scrapbooked so she brought me a CTMH catalogue. I was highly impressed by the beautiful artwork, and supplies. Melanie and the other women I met at baby group, Cindy, and I began to once a month meet at Melanie's house and she taught us how to use the supplies to create really nice layouts. I began to find my style, although it is still being refined, and discovered what items I like and disliked. I loved how CTMH paper all coordinated so I could pull out a pack and get started. I then discovered the 'recipe' books that CTMH sells and how easy they were to use and how much easier and quicker I was getting things done, and with that 'extra' time I was saving I was able to expand on my skills.
I never planned on stamping, or card making. Stamping involves a lot of supplies, but I slowly worked on getting the basics after I fell in love with the clear stamps and all that you can do with them. Plus the images were so cute, how could I resist! I started card making when I realized that I needed a card the next morning, and the stores were closed by this point. What is a girl to do, I got out my scraps and used them to make a card. Well this turned into a more frequent occurrence, and I found myself having to use scraps to make my card the night before. As I was refining my skills and tastes, I discovered that using only my scraps on cards was limiting so I began to cut a new piece of paper here and there to accommodate and it has just kept growing from there, and now here I am.
A year ago I signed up to be a consultant with Close to my Heart, and frankly I am not sure why I waited so long. I love the company and all of the products. I can’t wait to see what I can create next, with all of my goodies. I’ll post some art work soon, so be sure to stop by again soon!

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